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We believe that sustainable architecture, however humble or grand, should still have the power to evoke a positive emotional response in those who experience it.   According to their purpose the spaces we create can excite, energize, inspire, challenge and exhilarate as well as variously promoting a sense of commu...
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The origin of Eos Architects dates back to 1981 when Robert Willdig founded his practice in Newport before merging with Campbell Lammie in 2002 to form the Willdig Lammie Partnership.   Following the retirement of Robert Willdig in 2012 the decision was taken to re-launch the practice to reflect the ambition and o...
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With a long history of project and practice management together, our team of directors is dedicated to ensuring that Eos Architects delivers the highest possible standards of professionalism and service to our clients and to the continued development of our talented and enthusiastic design team.
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What’s in a Name?
In ancient Greek mythology Eos, goddess of the dawn, opened the gates of heaven each morning so that the sun god Helios could ride his chariot across the sky. In this way Eos brought forth the hope of a new day and could be relied upon to bring light from darkness.   For a practice based in Wales, it is fitting th...
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Eos Architects embraces the concept of Building Information Modelling (BIM) as a collaborative process that will ideally enable assets to be systematically designed, specified, tested and even experienced prior to construction, so that they can be built once, without error or foreseeable delay on site and then used and...
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Sustainability is about so much more than energy efficiency and our fully considered approach encompasses the many complex and interrelated aspects of sustainable design, including site location and orientation; fabric performance and energy consumption; minimising construction waste; the environmental impact of materi...
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As part of its commitment to sustainable design, Eos Architects enjoys the support of an in house BREEAM Accredited Professional (BREEAM AP) who is fully qualified to provide specialist skills in sustainability and environmental design, combined with a high level of competence in the BREEAM assessment process. Our BREE...
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Eos Architects is committed to promoting corporate social responsibility as an intrinsic part of its working ethos both in the provision of services and in the running of the business.   Whilst many community benefits that can be provided by our industry are most readily realised by developers and contractors at c...
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